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We form a variety of case-by-case associations with other attorneys and law firms on particular whistleblower matters, as described below:

We frequently seek local counsel on matters filed in jurisdictions where we are not licensed to practice and for which we cannot apply on our own for admission pro hac vice. Typically, we compensate local counsel who perform only ministerial functions associated with commencing an action with a small share of the proceeds from the case if it is successful.

We also seek to form more substantive co-counsel alliances with other lawyers to handle large and complex cases, usually after we have survived motions to dismiss non-intervened cases, and, most commonly, where extensive human and technology resources are needed for discovery and summary judgment purposes, and, in rare cases, for trial. In these instances we compensate co-counsel with a substantial share of the proceeds from the action if it is successful, as well as a pro rata share of any recovered statutory hourly attorneys’ fees.

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