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What is government intervention and why is it important?

The U.S. and/or states can join any FCA lawsuit they think is worthwhile. Having the government intervene is about the best thing that can happen for the whistleblower. More than 90 percent of qui tam recoveries occur when the U.S. or a state intervenes in the case.

How much money can a whistleblower get?

Usually, between 15 and 25 per cent of the eligible recovery, plus attorney's fees and litigation costs if ordered by the court. A whistleblower gets paid by the government only from the proceeds of a successful case. A whistleblower may also recover damages from an employer for retaliation against him or her for being a whistleblower.

What is a good FCA case?

One with: (a) solid proofs of intentional fraud and specific facts concerning the who, -what, when and how - of the false claims and fraudulent scheme; (b) no legal deficiencies that will cause the suit to be quickly dismissed, such as statute of limitations; and (c) high damages and a defendant who has the financial resources to pay the judgment.

What should you do if you have a possible FCA case?
Make sure you want to get involved-- it’s often a long and stressful process. If think you do, promptly contact a lawyer experienced in this complex and ever-changing area of law.

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