How Much is Whistleblower Reward?

That depends first on what type of whistleblower you are and then on the specific facts and circumstances of your whistleblower case?

Different whistleblower statutes establish different whistleblower reward formulas. The federal False Claims Act pays 15% to 25% of the proceeds recovered from the lawsuit if the government joins the case and 25% to 30% if the government declines to intervene in it and the whistleblower handles it alone. 31 U.S.C. Section 3730(d). The SEC whistleblower program pays 10% to 30% of the money collected by the SEC in the case (provided at least $1 million is collected). 15 U.S.C. Section 78u–6(b). The IRS whistleblower program pays 15% to 30% of the amount collected by the IRS (provided at least $2 million is in dispute for corporate taxes or the annual gross income is at least $200,000 for personal taxes). IRC Section 7623(b). The IRS can also exercise its discretion and award up to 15% of collect amounts if the conditions for the regular whistleblower program are not met. IRC Section 7623(a). There are a number of lesser used whistleblower laws as well and they have different formulas for determining the amount of the whistleblower rewards.

The amount a whistleblower receives in the prescribed range of percentages is usually negotiated between his or her attorney and the government and is based on the value of the whistleblower’s contribution and other factors. The amount can also be set by a judge if necessary.

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